Dining at Queens’ MarketPlace

Lava Light Galleries


Queens’ MarketPlace in Waikoloa Beach Resort is excited to introduce its newest shop, Lava Light Galleries, featuring the exciting imagery of three local, award-winning photographers: C.J. Kale, Nick Selway and Don Hurzeler.

Recently interviewed live on the “Today Show,” Kale and Selway gained national attention with their breathtaking wave photos, shot just a few feet away from flowing lava.  The first-ever photographers to jump in the water and shoot visible lava down the tube of breaking waves, the men said they survived that photo session, but were quite a bit the worse for wear—beet red from the heat and cut up from lava bombs floating all around them.

Though his colleagues got the premier photos, Hurzeler missed the adventure while on a promotional tour with his newest book, “The Way Up.”  He said he would not have entered the water with his two friends because, “You know, I actually have a brain.”

Together, the three photographers say that they push each other to find the beauty that surrounds us here in Hawai‘i or anywhere in the world.  Kale and Selway have appeared on German and Japanese television, won numerous prestigious photographic awards and had work displayed in the Smithsonian Institution.  Hurzeler recently won First Place in an Outdoor Photographer Magazine contest that drew some 13,000 entries.


Lava Light Galleries